Tambobong White Beach Gali Kayo, Dasol, Pangasinan

My first stop this summer is the town which is popular on producing salts and known for their white beaches and clear waters Tambobong, Dasol in Pangasinan.

Municipality of Dasol is located west of Pangasinan 310 kilometers away from Metro Manila. It so easy and convenient to go there because of its fully paved highways.

Tambobong is a fishing village or barangay in Dasol, here they have white sand beaches, crystal clear waters and locals here are friendly to tourist. If you plan to spend your vacation here theres a lot of activities to do. You can do island hoping to Collibra Island, Cabacungan Cove and the Crocodile Island. If you are adventurous and want to do some cliff diving, Kupaw Kupaw is 20 minutes walk from the shore of Tambobong.

Tambobong Shores

F7F3B59B-F564-4734-97BB-3572BF4540A2Tambobong white sand beach


Cabacungan Cove

Balancing stones, I love how locals do this it adds more beauty in the place.

The cave in Cabacungan cove, you can take a dip and swim inside the cave. The water is clear and a little cold.

This picturesque view will greet you upon arriving Cabacungan Cove.

Collibra Island

The water in Collibra Island is crystal clear and cool perfect for swimming.

Collibra Island

Relaxing view in Collibra Island.

Kupaw Kupaw

The Kupaw Kupaw, its like a huge washing machine for me because of the waves and when the sea pulls the water you can see the depth of it.

We had an amazing time in Tambobong, it is worth the drive or travel. We didn’t feel we are not from there people are so welcoming and kind. We stayed for only few days but it  felt like we know the town so well,  its like you never went away from home. If you’re watching your budget this place is perfect,  you can find cheap lodging and things are not overpriced. I hope you had fun reading and convinced you to visit this awesome place, till my next trip. Maraming Salamat!!!

How to get to Tambobong

From Metro Manila you can ride a bus going to Alaminos City Pangasinan (another option is a bus going to Bolinao and get off in Alaminos). From Alaminos take a  bus trip going to Sta Cruz Zambales and tell the driver to drop you off in Tambobong Dasol. From there, just ride a tricycle going to Tambobong.

Lets go Travels with Kit

Going places is always amazing because you get to see other cultures and meet locals. You can also get inspirations from the places you will visit and its people. Sometimes we are finding some time to relax and just go away from the city and I think nature will give us that calming and refreshing time. I am always in awe of nature so I want to see more of its beauty. This year I want to see more of the Philippines, document every experiences and share it. So I am starting this blog #travelswithKit to show everyone how amazing and beautiful my country is. Join me in my adventures as I see more of the Philippines #travelswithKit.